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Small Animal

Catalyst One

Unprecedented clinical insight in one sample run during the patient visit

ProCyte Dx

In-house haematology with reference laboratory-quality results in real time

SediVue Dx

The new standard for urine sediment analysis

ProCyte One

The simplest way to get a trusted CBC in-house

SNAP Pro Analyser

With ProRead software, your SNAP tests take care of themselves

SNAP Total T4 Test

Provides convenient, clinically accurate results in-house in just 15 minutes for diagnosing and monitoring thyroid disease

LaserCyte Dx

Comprehensive, real-time haematology results


Automatically reads and captures IDEXX UA Strip results


Uncover bleeding disorders in seconds


Fast and accurate results for electrolytes, blood gases and more

SNAP Heartworm RT

the SNAP Heartworm RT Test provides superior sensitivity for your heartworm screenings, and results you can count on


Screen for two infectious diseases with one sample in just 10 minutes


Assess canine pancreatic health in minutes


Assess feline pancreatic health in minutes

SNAP Feline proBNP

Quickly assess cats with cardiac risk factors

SNAP Giardia

Find and treat more Giardia cases

SNAP Parvo

Quickly detect canine parvovirus


The IDEXX VetAutoread Haematology Analyser offers thorough screening, presurgical testing and more

SNAP T4 Test

Don’t wait for late-stage signs of thyroid disorders

SNAP Cortisol

Detect canine Cushing’s Syndrome and Addison’s Disease with the SNAP Cortisol Test

Catalyst Dx

Manage more cases simply and efficiently

SNAP Lepto

Pet-side detection of antibodies to canine Leptospira spp.


Fast analysis and superior economics for high-volume testing make the VetLyte Electrolyte Analyser ideal for general health check-ups and fluid therapy

SNAP Bile Acids Test

A fully quantitative in-house ELISA for the measurement of serum bile acids

SNAPshot Dx

Identify and manage diseases quickly and efficiently

IDEXX VetLab Station

All your diagnostic results in one convenient place