IDEXX Newsletter

NEW: Automatic discounting and bulk updates

How awesome would it be if Neo® Software automatically gave a discount to specific clients on certain products or services of your choosing? Now it can! The new automatic discounting feature makes it easy to earmark which pet owners should receive a discount. Ditto for products! Plus, we've added the ability to make bulk updates to enable product discounts and change tax rates as well.

Smart communication tips to stress the importance of preventive care

COVID-19 has changed the way the world approaches communication — in business, social settings, and at home. Remember that this is true for your clients, too, and it's important that you ensure your communication is effective for them and for your staff.

Three key Cornerstone reports for better business performance

With COVID receding but demand for your services higher than ever, it’s the ideal time to benchmark how your business is currently performing and where you’d like to be at this time next year. Let’s look at three key Cornerstone reports that can help you quickly assess your practice's financial health: the Census report, Snapshot reports and the Performance Tracker. 

Do more with VetConnect PLUS—right in Cornerstone

User feedback fuels some of Cornerstone’s top features, and adding a VetConnect PLUS tab to the Patient Clipboard was one of them. Now VetConnect PLUS pulls clients email addresses directly from Cornerstone, reducing data entry time and errors. And in late October, the IDEXX Reference Laboratory window gets a new look to improve visibility and workflow. Read more details on those improvements, as well as helpful VetConnect PLUS tips like how to view radiographs, cancelling orders, updating doctor information or addressing missing information notices when printing client summaries.

Tips for Managing Your Practice While Away at Conferences

The art of veterinary practice management is constantly evolving—especially for those of us in the veterinary field. By attending veterinary conferences, industry professionals can stay up to date on the latest trends while also building a network for the future. That said, when was the last time you actually attended a conference? Even before COVID-19 wreaked havoc on everyone's schedules, finding time to get away and attend veterinary conferences was challenging.