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Earlier intervention for more effective management of kidney disease

SDMA, symmetric dimethylarginine, is produced in every cell and released into the body’s circulation during protein degradation. SDMA is excreted by the kidneys, making it a good marker for estimating kidney function. Identifying kidney disease earlier could help you and their owners manage a pet’s kidney disease more effectively.


Your cases receive the most comprehensive evaluation from our team of pathologists who are always just a call away for consultation.

IDEXX RealPCR tests

IDEXX advanced molecular diagnostic RealPCR tests

The IDEXX Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory offers convenient and affordable access to over 50 real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) panels and more than 150 individual real-time PCR tests that provide you definitive answers within 1–3 working days.

Cardiac health

Cardiopet proBNP Test

With the Cardiopet proBNP Test, a simple blood draw is all you need for quantitative analysis of your feline and canine patients’ cardiac health.

Pancreatic health

Quickly and confidently assess pancreatic health in dogs and cats

Make a confident diagnosis with IDEXX Reference Laboratories’ exclusive Spec cPL Test for dogs and Spec fPL Test for cats, the only tests that measure the level of pancreas-specific lipase in the blood.

Faecal Dx antigen testing

Detect more intestinal parasite infections, earlier than faecal flotation. A single test finds hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms, even when eggs are not present.
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IDEXX CBC testing

CBCs performed at IDEXX Reference Laboratories are the most comprehensive CBCs available. Only IDEXX automatically includes reticulocyte count and reticulocyte hemoglobin on every CBC report.
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Expert Consultations

Call us any time on 1300 44 33 99, to discuss a specific case, a result, or anything related to our tests.


Your team of experts is just a call away, with board-certified veterinary specialists that are always available for complimentary consultation.

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No matter where you are in the country you can access our proprietary services as well as our global network of pathologists.

Routine diagnostic testing (chemistry, haematology and endocrinology) at all locations means timely results for you and your patients.

Metro locations

Non-metro locations

Call 1300 44 33 99 for specific information about courier collections.

Important details
  • Urgent courier pickups are available in certain areas. An urgent collection fee applies.
  • A sample accession fee is applicable where work has already commenced and the testing is cancelled.
  • Blood samples are retained on premises for 7 days. During this time add-on testing can be requested (where residual sample volume permits). 
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