Alertys Milk Pregnancy 

Optimise reproductive efficiency with the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test


The Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test helps maximise milk production and profitability. Find a milk testing laboratory and do more with your cow and goat milk samples.

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Identify open animals

  • Confirm pregnancy as early as 28 days postbreeding (cows and goats) and 60 days postcalving (cows)

  • Avoid additional animal handling and labor by adding the test to routine milk samples

Confirm with confidence

  • Provides accuracy on par with ultrasound (cows and goats) and palpation (cows)

  • Detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs)

  • Uses trusted ELISA technology for reliable laboratory-based results

Work with your veterinarian

  • Develop a reproductive management program

  • Manage open or infertile animals

  • Implement a proactive and preventive herd health program

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