Testing on the Farm

Put IDEXX to work at your dairy

For confidence in milk quality and animal health 

IDEXX understands that you need a partner who can provide you with the information, materials and support you need wherever you do business. Our proven solutions, global distribution and manufacturing, backed by expert technical service and international regulatory expertise, help you provide safe, wholesome food for consumers in a way that’s profitable for you. With residue detection and diagnostic tests, we help you keep antibiotics out of the supply chain, ensure the health of your herd and efficiently manage reproductive performance.

Stay informed

Manage reproductive performance

Now it’s easier to detect pregnancy. With IDEXX pregnancy tests:

  • Your veterinarian can detect pregnancy from 28 days postbreeding using routine blood samples.
  • Your milk laboratory can run pregnancy checks from 28 days postbreeding using milk samples.
Improve herd health

Choose from two dozen laboratory tests, including twelve that can be run on milk samples and the following that can be run on farm.

  • In just 20 minutes, the IDEXX SNAP BVDV Test ensures that pregnant cows and replacements are free of persistent BVDV infection.
  • With the IDEXX BVDV Ag Point of Care Test, you get on-farm results in 30 minutes or less, helping you identify, isolate and control BVDV effectively.
Test every tank for residues

There’s an IDEXX SNAP® test for every key milk residue.

  • Make sure your milk is within safe residue limits.
  • Minimise the financial risk of shipping a hot load.

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