IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery

Automated back-up and disaster recovery

IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery Solution ensures recovery if data is ever damaged or lost due to equipment failure or disaster.

This service eliminates the need to purchase, catalogue and store media for daily backups.

Designed to bring peace of mind to your clinic

The IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery Solution is a cost-effective, reliable and secure automated back-up and recovery service for your clinic.


The VetVault Backup Solution simplifies your job by reducing the purchase, cataloguing and storage of backup media. Automating your backup process eliminates the aggravation of scheduling staff after hours to complete backups and guarantees you have a valid backup of your business-critical information.


Your data is encrypted using the strongest commercially available algorithm so that it cannot be viewed during transmission to the IDEXX VetVault® servers. While stored, the data is further protected by a state-of-the-art encryption methodology that locks the data, rendering it inaccessible to unauthorised users.

Business continuity

The VetVault Backup Solution ensures your data is kept off-site in a secured facility so that if data is ever damaged or lost, it can be easily restored back to your clinic either online using the Internet or offline by overnight shipment of a restore device.


For more information or to request a quote, contact the IDEXX Integrated Practice team on 1300 44 33 99.