Microbiology at IDEXX

Expert identification of bacteria and fungal causes of disease from our Australian centre of excellence

IDEXX's microbiology laboratory offers timely and accurate assessment of one of the most complex areas of diagnostic evaluation.

Given that any identification of an isolate causing disease involves methodical enrichment, selection for, and incubation of bacterial and/or fungal species - IDEXX has developed a centre of excellence to perform this process.

Headed by lead scientist Nicole Playford, our team is equipped with the right equipment and knowledge to handle any of your microbiology testing needs.

IDEXX is also pleased to provide a new diagnostic tool for better case management and to support the responsible stewardship of antibiotics, for eligible customers who take advantage of the microbiology services offered at IDEXX.

The report is generated every 3 months at the conclusion of the quarter.

You are welcome to speak directly with our laboratory scientists who are specially trained in microbiology processes and have a collective experience of more than 35 years in this field. Please call 1300 44 33 99. 

Alternatively for treatment advice or selection of an appropriate antibiotic which best suits the signalment of the patient, please contact the IDEXX Internal Medicine Consultant where appropriate testing at IDEXX reference laboratories has been carried out on the patient in question.

Expert advice

Contact our Microbiology team for expert advice on sample collection, submission guidelines or anything else that relates to your testing needs: 1300 44 33 99.