Welcome to the latest improvements in VetConnect PLUS

New look for VetConnect PLUS test results

Based on customer feedback, we’ve adjusted the overall design and colour palette for test results on vetconnectplus.com. Reviewing diagnostic results will be quicker, more efficient, and easier on the eye.

  • View diagnostic results anywhere, anytime.
  • Easily request reference laboratory tests and check order status. 
  • Quickly spot abnormalities using graphs, images and result comparisons.


  • Patient signalment added to the header
  • Easier to find toggle to open and close the graphing panel on the right
  • Medical category block names are now spelled out but category color remains the same
  • It’s more intuitive to graph a single analyte
  • Consolidated result details for the entire result vs. each category block (i.e. accession, sample types, run times, etc).
  • All pop-ups have a consistent look and feel as well as interaction (i.e. you can click anywhere outside of a pop-up to close it)
  • Graphs can now open in the new larger lightbox
  • Overall text size on the results page is slightly larger
  • Fast navigation within results with result dates acting as quick links at the top of the table header


FAQ: VetConnect PLUS improvements