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Now there’s a single source for QC testing and maintaining accreditation


Simplifying your laboratory’s adherence to good laboratory practice (GLP) and ongoing accreditation is our goal. With IDEXX-QC, you can rely on a single source for all your testing needs.


  • A complete suite of microbiology QC tests, including QC for enterococci and faecal coliform.
  • For proficiency testing services, contact IDEXX Customer Service or your account representative.
IDEXX-QC - IDEXX Water Microbiology


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IDEXX-QC simplifies maintaining accreditation



Microbiology: the QC tests you need, the confidence you seek

  • Expected ranges based on IDEXX tests.
  • Traceable strains eliminate multiple passes.
  • 3 easy steps—dispense, dissolve and mix.
  • Match IDEXX insert requirements exactly.
  • All materials are ISO Guide 34:2009 certified.

Proficiency testing services

IDEXX is partnering with NSI Solutions, Inc. to bring you unparalleled proficiency testing (PT) services for the methods you use.

The science behind IDEXX-QC microbiology tests


Fully traceable back to known cultures.


A proprietary gel-like matrix makes IDEXX-QC tests easy to use and ensures the stability of organisms. This saves time in testing and preserves the shelf life of the tests.


Can be used in a presence/absence (P/A) vessel, Quanti-Tray® or Quanti-Tray®/2000.


A step-by-step guide to using IDEXX-QC

Perform the following steps at room temperature:

Step 1

Remove vial(s) from freezer. Equilibrate at room temperature for 10–15 minutes.


Step 2

Open a vial and aseptically transfer a coloured disc to an appropriately labelled vessel of 100 ml of IDEXX Sterile Hydration Buffer* or 100 ml of nonbuffered, oxidant-free water in a sterile vessel. A single coloured disc is located on top of the cotton plug.
Note: The disc may occasionally stick to the vial. If this occurs, use sterile tweezers to gently remove the disc.


Step 3

Swirl the sample and allow to stand for 10–15 minutes. The disc should completely dissolve. After it is dissolved, mix by inverting the vessel 10 times.


Step 4

Use within 30 minutes of hydration.


Step 5

Review lot activity information on the certificate of analysis to determine if a dilution of hydrated sample is required. Please refer to the IDEXX-QC outer kit label for the correct lot number.


*IDEXX Sterile Hydration Buffer, part number 98–29008–00

Frequently asked questions and answers


What are the recommended storage conditions for the IDEXX-QC microbiology tests?

The IDEXX-QC microbiology tests should be stored unopened at or below -10°C.


What is the shelf life of IDEXX-QC microbiology tests?

Please refer to the certificate of analysis for the product shelf life.


How many passages of organisms are used to manufacture the IDEXX-QC microbiology QC controls?

All IDEXX-QC microbiology QC controls are manufactured with five passages or less.


Are these tests manufactured in an ISO-certified facility?

All IDEXX-QC tests are ISO Guide 34:2009 certified and are manufactured in a facility with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2005 certification.


Are there any special disposal requirements for the QC controls?

Dispose of QC controls according to your local regulations.


IDEXX-QC: Everything you need for confident outcomes


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