Spec cPL® Test

(canine pancreas-specific lipase)


Redefine the way you diagnose pancreatitis


Canine pancreatitis is a potentially fatal disease that is difficult to diagnose. Presenting signs are common and nonspecific, including vomiting, anorexia and abdominal pain.

The Spec cPL® Test is a tried and tested diagnostic tool which allows you to quickly and confidently assess pancreatitis in dogs. Having revolutionised the way veterinarians can diagnose pancreatitis when it launched in 2005, IDEXX has now developed qualitative and quantitative testing to deliver the ability for veterinarians to rule in or rule out pancreatitis.

Spec cPL® Test
Test every dog for pancreatitis if it presents with vomiting, anorexia or abdominal pain.

The Spec cPL® Test offers you more definitive diagnostic results. View a comparison chart (PDF) to see the difference between the Spec cPL Test and other diagnostic methods.

Originally developed as the cPLI test by Dr. Jörg Steiner and Dr. David Williams in the Gastrointestinal Laboratory at Texas A&M University, the Spec cPL Test offers:


  • Unprecedented accuracy—With more than 95% specificity and sensitivity (as compared to the cPLI assay*), this test far outperforms other test methodologies, so you can treat confidently.
  • Fast results—1-2 days. Tests are run daily (except on Sundays) so you can move ahead quickly with treatment.
  • Consider SNAP cPL and Spec cPL IDEXX Advantage solution for your comprehensive diagnosis.


*As compared to cPLI at the Gastrointestinal Laboratory of Texas A&M University

Available Spec cPL Tests


Results show Spec cPL® (canine pancreas-specific lipase) is a valuable test to help you diagnose pancreatitis in cases presenting with acute or mild symptoms.

The test is also beneficial for dogs recovering from pancreatitis as well as those with a history of, or who are predisposed to, the disease.

For your convenience and in testament to IDEXXs commitment to research and development the Spec cPL® Test has been adapted to both the SNAP Platform for rapid pet side results as well as the reference laboratory testing environment. 

Below is the list of codes which apply, when submitting a test request to the IDEXX reference laboratory for analysis. You can also learn more about the SNAP® cPL™ Test.

Test CodeName and Contents


Canine Pancreatic-Specific Lipase (SNAP cPL) – Qualitative


Canine Pancreatic-Specific Lipase (Spec cPL) – Stand alone – Quantitative


Canine Pancreatic-Specific Lipase (Spec cPL) - When added to another test – Quantitative


Canine Pancreatic-Specific Lipase (Spec cPL) - Follow up within 3 weeks – Quantitative


Canine Pancreatic-Specific Lipase
IDEXX Advantage - follow up SNAP cPL – Quantitative
Please submit used SNAP device or foil wrapper with the sample


Canine Diabetic & Pancreatic Profile - includes Pancreatic-Specific Lipase – Quantitative


Canine Diagnostic Health Profile - includes Pancreatic-Specific Lipase – Quantitative


Canine Pancreatic Profile - includes Pancreatic-Specific Lipase – Quantitative


Canine Total Health Profile - includes Pancreatic-Specific Lipase – Quantitative


Specimen requirements: Plain Serum Tube (Consult the IDEXX Directory of Products and services for additional sample requirements if submitting Spec cPL with a profile code)

Turn around time: 1 -2 days

Accuracy you can count on


Consider pancreatitis in every dog that presents with vomiting, anorexia or abdominal pain—and test with Spec cPL® to confirm your diagnosis.


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