Microbiology at IDEXX

Expert identification of bacteria and fungal causes of disease from our Australian centre of excellence


IDEXX's microbiology laboratory offers timely and accurate assessment of one of the most complex areas of diagnostic evaluation.

Given that any identification of an isolate causing disease involves methodical enrichment, selection for, and incubation of bacterial and/or fungal species - IDEXX has developed a centre of excellence to perform this process.

Headed by lead scientist Emma Baggs our team is equipped with the right equipment and knowledge to handle any of your microbiology testing needs.

IDEXX is also pleased to provide a new diagnostic tool for better case management and to support the responsible stewardship of antibiotics, for eligible customers who take advantage of the microbiology services offered at IDEXX...


IDEXX is delighted to introduce the IDEXX MicroBiogram™ – another IDEXX innovation to support Australian veterinarians


Microbiology at IDEXX

Contact our Microbiology team for expert advice on sample collection, submission guidelines or anything else that relates to your testing needs: 1300 44 33 99 option 1, option 3

Innovation and an understanding of the challenges of everyday practice has lead to the development of a new diagnostic report tool - The IDEXX MicroBiogram


The IDEXX MicroBiogram™ tests delivers:

Designed for Australian veterinary professionals and anyone connected to the delivery of veterinary care, the new IDEXX MicroBiogram provides historic data on antibiotic resistance as observed in the testing undertaken at IDEXX Laboratories. The data presented in the IDEXX  MicroBiogram has been developed from a review of all submissions to IDEXX by veterinarians using our unique diagnostic service from around Australia. The IDEXX MicroBiogram presents an overview of antibiotic resistance at four key levels; National, State, Regional  and the individual clinic level. We envisage that this information will provide our customers with a framework for choosing the most appropriate antibiotic during empirical therapy while using the IDEXX laboratory service to pursue the gold standard culture and sensitivities.

Critically the IDEXX MicroBiogram  delivers;

• Deeper clinical insights based on individual clinic data for those occasions when the selection of antibiotic therapy becomes an empirical decision
• A new way to raise the importance of culture and sensitivity with your clients as it highlights the importance of responsible stewardship and the presence of any microbial resistance in your area
• An endorsement of the AVA's key strategic focus for the improved management of antibiotics in the veterinary profession


The IDEXX Microbiology service is a comprehensive offering which caters to a broad range of veterinary diagnostic needs.

Our Brisbane laboratory has been established as a centre of excellence and is equipped to support the practicing veterinarian with culture and sensitivity results irrespective of the sample type or location of infection.

For specific tests please consult the IDEXX Directory of Products and Services or utilise the Quick Link in the box above.


IDEXX MicroBiogram is complimentary and available to eligible practices who use the IDEXX microbiology service.

Every sample submitted to IDEXX reference laboratories contributes to your eligibility for a clinic specific MicroBiogram report.

The reports are generated on a quarterly basis and are subject to minimum data collection requirement. Eligible clinics must have submitted 5 or more samples to IDEXX for the given reporting period, with each of the submissions resulting in a completed sensitivity profile being recorded for one or more isolates

Simply speak with your IDEXX representative or contact our customer service team on 1300 44 33 99 to learn more about submitting microbiology testing to IDEXX and the process that we follow in providing the IDEXX MicroBiogram to our partner practices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microbiology at IDEXX

What is the IDEXX MicroBiogram™?

It is an innovative new report which delivers historical antibiotic sensitivity data specific for cases seen at your particular practice.


How often is the report made available to participating clinics?

The report is generated every 3 months at the conclusion of the quarter.


How can my clinic become eligible to receive a MicroBiogram™ Report?

Submit 5 or more microbiology samples for culture and sensitivity testing at IDEXX Reference Laboratories within a given reporting period.


Who can I contact if I have questions about the Microbiology service at IDEXX?

You are welcome to speak directly with our laboratory scientists who are specially trained in microbiology processes and have a collective experience of more than 35 years in this field. Please call 1300 44 33 99 and select option 1 and then option 3.

Alternatively for treatment advice or selection of an appropriate antibiotic which best suits the signalment of the patient, please contact the IDEXX Internal Medicine Consultant where appropriate testing at IDEXX reference laboratories has been carried out on the patient in question.