Pathologists/Specialists Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


IDEXX pathologists provide clinical and anatomic pathology consultation services to practising veterinarians. You’ll be joining a global team of experts with exposure to a wide range of interesting and varied pathology cases. You will have access to cutting-edge technology, including digital voice-recognition transcription and digital pathology systems to analyse veterinary cases. You will also have access to the latest technology in haematology, biochemistry, microbiology and molecular diagnostics. You will be able to develop close relationships with practising veterinarians and become an integral part of their practice, contributing daily to better animal health.


Whether you are a resident or a board-certified pathologist, you’ll appreciate the supportive work environment and the reasonable workload, which facilitates our commitments to quality and customer service. We offer the time and resources for continuing education and professional development, as well as training opportunities for pathologists who want to grow into management roles. There are also other opportunities within IDEXX to teach and mentor laboratory staff, provide continuing education to veterinary professionals, help develop new diagnostic tests, collaborate on university research projects and travel to other locations to share best practices.


Internal Medicine Specialists

As an IDEXX internal medicine specialist, you’ll be consulting on challenging veterinary cases. We’ll direct calls to you from our live call centre and you’ll get questions on every aspect of internal medicine. You’ll help customers with total case management by assisting them to choose the appropriate diagnostic tests and interpret laboratory data, as well as offer advice on treatment and long-term follow-up. We encourage our specialists to make unbiased recommendations that reflect whatever they think is best for the pet. Our goal is to help veterinarians practice the best medicine possible.


You’ll be joining a team of respected specialists who are raising the standard of veterinary medicine across the world. Team members maintain strong colleague connections via phone, e-mail and other online communication platforms. Opportunities to give continuing education lectures and develop educational materials exist for those who are interested in these activities. This is a great opportunity for internists who want to continue to use their advanced training but who desire a more balanced lifestyle.


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