IDEXX Reminder Service

No contracts to sign and no minimum orders


Eliminate the time-consuming task of printing, separating, and stamping reminder cards without sacrificing quality with the IDEXX Reminder Service.

Choose from a variety of appealing designs that will grab your clients’ attention and boost response rates.

Reminder Service

For more information, contact
the IDEXX Integrated Practice Team on 1300 44 33 99 (AU) or 0800 102 084 (NZ).

Staying in touch with your clients has never been easier


Processing your reminders takes minutes instead of hours!

  • Choose from a variety of appealing designs that will grab your clients’ attention and boost response rates.
  • Process reminders daily, weekly, or monthly and you’ll keep a steady flow of traffic into your practice.


Products included in the IDEXX Reminder Service include:

IDEXX Reminder Service


Reminder cards—stay in touch about appointments, important tests, vaccinations and exams

Reminder cards with pet pictures—with IDEXX Cornerstone version 8.1 and later, you can include the patient's picture on the client address side. It's sure to grab client attention and boost response rates.

Marketing cards—market your clinic’s services, thank customers for referrals, etc.

New mover cards—attract new clients by introducing your practice to those who are new to your neighborhood.

Special occasion cards—celebrate birthdays and holidays with attractive themed cards that include the pet's name or photo for that personal touch.

Promotional items—keep your practice "top of mind" with your clients.


See all the Reminder Service products at

So easy, you’ll never process reminders the “old way” again

It’s easy to use the IDEXX Reminder Service:

  • Create your mailing list and save it as a text file.
  • Go to
  • Choose the reminder card you want to send.
  • Add additional messaging (optional).
  • Approve the layout.
  • Select the mailing list and click Send.



Frequently asked questions


What is the IDEXX Reminder Service?

The IDEXX Reminder Service eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of printing and mailing reminder cards from the clinic.


How much will it cost?

Prices start as low as $1.10 per card including postage.*

*Prices may vary based on postage rates.


Do you require a contract or a minimum order quantity?

No, a contract is not required and you can order as few as one card.

By running targeted lists, you have the capability of using cards specific to the services you need to remind each of your clients about.


When will my reminders be mailed?

One of the biggest benefits of the IDEXX Reminder Service is fast turnaround!

Orders are usually processed and delivered within 5 - 7 days.


When will I be billed?

An invoice will be generated and mailed the week after you place an order.


What do I need on my system to run/access the service?

Internet access—high-speed access is preferable, although not mandatory.