Expertise, installation and support


Call the IDEXX Integrated Practice team at 1300 44 33 99.

The IDEXX Integrated Practice team takes the time to understand your unique computer system needs. Then we apply our technical and practice management expertise to guide you to a solution—one that’s compatible with your existing hardware, software and goals.


  • We carry servers, workstations, laptops, printers and more
  • Tested and proven to work with IDEXX Computer Systems software
  • Preparation and installation included—your system arrives ready to go
  • Call a single number to solve hardware and software problems—our Dell-certified technicians will work with the system providers, so you can concentrate on your patients



We were starting to have issues with our old hardware, so we contacted both the IDEXX Integrated Practice team and a local provider for an estimate on a solution. We decided to go with IDEXX because they could offer a better price, provide a higher quality of equipment and were able to offer the shortest downtime possible. I was most impressed with the thoroughness of the estimate that we received, which included not only the equipment but the installation and training. Nothing was missed or forgotten, and we understood exactly what we were getting.

Nancy Devall, Office Manager • Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital • Vidalia, Louisiana