VetConnect® PLUS


Discover the power of connected patient care, with access to real-time patient diagnostic data from both your IDEXX In-house analysers and IDEXX Reference Laboratories, on a single page. Place your lab requests, view the results and access reports, all in a single powerful platform.

  • Online Lab Requests—No more handwritten lab requests; order tests directly from the patient record in VetConnect PLUS.
  • Results Any Time, Any Where—Get data-driven insights on any device for easy comparison and a quick confident diagnosis.
  • Trend Diagnostics—An individual result may look unremarkable unless you trend your results over time.
  • Communicate Effortlessly with Pet Owners—Share patient data with pet owners at the click of a button.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly—Refer patients without a single fax or printed result with the collaboration feature.

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What’s new? Watch this video for a tour of the new homepage and the online lab request feature.
IDEXX VetConnect Plus

To Activate: VetConnect users, log on to and follow the VetConnectPlus links to complete your activation. Not using VetConnect? Call 1300 44 33 99, option 1, 3.

Any Result, Any Time, Any Where 


VetConnect® PLUS transforms the way you see your patients’ results, whether you’re a current VetConnect user, have IDEXX in-house analysers, use IDEXX Reference Laboratories—or use all three. All VetConnect PLUS customers will see more historical data than ever before on a single screen. For the first time, IDEXX Reference Laboratories results are displayed side-by-side with IDEXX in-house results for a “whole patient” view. And it’s at no cost.


VetConnect PLUS results
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View all of each patient’s diagnostic data combined on one screen

  • Easily compare and cross-reference IDEXX in-house and reference Laboratory results.
  • Save time and reduce frustration: there’s no need to collect data from multiple places.
  • Quickly spot trends and use interactive graphs to learn more from each result.


Access results anywhere, anytime—safely and securely

  • Get fast, convenient online access to ensure you’ll always have answers.
  • Access anywhere, anytime from your home, practice and laptop computer or tablet.
  • Enjoy unlimited, safe and secure data storage in the cloud; receive software updates instantly.


Easily share important patient data with clients in or out of the office

  • Review results and recommendations on screen during client visits for better communication and a better client experience.
  • User-friendly information design facilitates face-to-face conversations with clients about their pet's health, which helps you gain trust and compliance.
  • Easily email results to clients after they have left the practice to reinforce the value of your services and to improve overall patient care.

View each patient’s results as one complete picture


You see each patient as a whole being. That’s how you should see his diagnostic results, too. So you can make more efficient and informed medical decisions and have more meaningful discussions with your clients that lead to a better experience.


VetConnect PLUS results
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View and easily compare in-house and reference laboratory results displayed side-by-side. 
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature
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Interactive trending graphs make clinically relevant changes in their pet’s normal ranges easier for clients to understand. 
Share client-friendly diagnostic summaries with clients, like healthy preventive care summaries, to increase their understanding and the value of visits.
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature See historical data at your fingertips in the same screen as current results.
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature Request an internal medicine consultation for experts to review results and make recommendations.



IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature Add tests or generate a new IDEXX Reference Laboratories test requisition.
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature Easily share results for faster, more efficient client and specialist communication.




VetConnect PLUS Feature The Diagnostic Sharing icon links patients between practices for instant access to referred patients’ blood work.
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature Review results in a veterinarian-recommended, diagnostically relevant order.
Narrow down patient searches by filtering patient lists by doctor. Narrow down patient searches by filtering patient lists by doctor.
IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Feature Easily connect to VetConnect® PLUS online services.
VetConnect PLUS Features - Add Comments Add persistent comments to your patients’ results.
VetConnect PLUS - Interpretive Summaries Feature Learn more about your results from experts in the field.

Frequently asked questions about VetConnect® PLUS


What is VetConnect® PLUS?

VetConnect PLUS is the only results presentation tool of its kind. It is an online service that displays both IDEXX in-house and reference laboratory diagnostic results side-by-side. Results are displayed in a patient-centric view that lets you create trending graphs using a combination of both sets of results. You can print and email results to clients and much more.

Adding Results to Patient Record

Finding Recent Results and Searching for Patients

Trending Patient Results


Who can use VetConnect PLUS?

Any current IDEXX customer with or without a VetConnect® account can use VetConnect PLUS. You must first obtain a VetConnect username and password. All existing VetConnect users have a user name and password. If you do not call 1300 44 33 99 to get your free account now. For In-House results, you must have an IDEXX VetLab® Station connected to IDEXX SmartService™


How do I trend patient diagnostics?

Trending Patient Results

Learn how to trend results across modalities and over time.


What can I do with VetConnect PLUS that I can’t do with VetConnect?

VetConnect PLUS displays your in-house diagnostic data alongside data from IDEXX Reference Laboratories for easier comparison and a better ability to spot trends. You can also see up to 10 years of historical results, and trending graphs are interactive, displaying the source, run date and test value of every data point.

This chart illustrates the enhancements available with VetConnect PLUS:

FeatureVetConnectVetConnect PLUS
IDEXX Reference Laboratories resultsYesYes
IDEXX VetLab® Station resultsNoYes
Trending—in-house, reference laboratories or bothNoYes
IDEXX Reference Laboratories test requisitionYesYes
Interpretive summariesYesYes
Add commentsYesYes
Diagnostic Sharing featureNoYes
Email resultsYesYes
Request consultationYesYes
Add testsYesYes


Watch the VetConnect PLUS video
to learn more.


How do I share patient diagnostics with another practice?

Diagnostic Sharing


Learn about the work flow associated with sharing diagnostic results with referral practices.


If I don't have a VetConnect user name and password, how do I get them?

You may call IDEXX customer service on 1300 44 33 99 (Option 1, 3) to have VetConnect credentials created for you or have your VetConnect password reset if you have forgotten it.


Does VetConnect PLUS support non-IDEXX instruments and services?

No. It has taken years to create the technology and logic used to collect, compare and present results from IDEXX Reference Laboratories and IDEXX in-house instruments, and the work continues.


How much does VetConnect PLUS cost?

The VetConnect PLUS service is available at no charge.


What happens when I activate my account?

In order for VetConnect PLUS to blend your in-house and reference laboratory results together, all your diagnostic data is sent to the cloud, which is a web-based data storage system. As soon as you agree to the terms and conditions required, the process can begin.


Can I get a client-friendly diagnostic summary for a sick pet?

At this time, IDEXX is providing reports for healthy pet visits. We are continuing to develop additional reports to share with clients.


Where does the information on the client-friendly diagnostic summaries come from?

The preventive care summary information is provided by veterinarians on staff at IDEXX.


Can client-friendly diagnostic summaries be accessed multiple times?

VetConnect PLUS logs all client communications in the Communications drop-down list. This log allows you to audit previous communications as well as reprint, re-email or re-share historical communications, including client-friendly diagnostic summaries.


Is it possible to customize the client-friendly summaries?

Yes, you can customize each summary with specific doctor and patient names, the message regarding the test results and the next visit field.