Connect Your Practice with
Cornerstone® Software and
IDEXX SmartLink® Technology


IDEXX SmartLink® technology connects your Cornerstone® Practice Management System to IDEXX in-house analysers and IDEXX Reference Laboratories for seamless data transfer around the practice.


Advance the standard of medical care in your practice


Better Medicine
  • Provides all diagnostic data at the point of care in the electronic medical record.
  • Supports more informed diagnoses by automatically adding test results to patient medical records and providing more efficient access to test results, trending and historical reporting.
  • Increases the effectiveness of medical protocols by building compliance guidelines into patient records that automatically prompt staff to perform recommended tests and procedures.


Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminates orphan results—Tests and image requests ordered from any workstation in the clinic are automatically added to the patient medical record.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry—Patient data automatically downloads to in-house analysers or electronic reference laboratory request forms.
  • Minimises the search for paper files and test results—Patient records and medical data are available at every workstation in the clinic
  • Saves time—Order tests on multiple instruments from a single interface.
  • Minimizes errors—Staff won’t forget to run tests because the travel sheet never made it back to the laboratory area.
  • Lets you work smarter and faster—Empower your staff with an efficient, streamlined system that gives them more time to spend with patients and clients.


Better Business
  • Virtually eliminates lost charges—Automatic fee capture saves the average two-doctor practice $40,000 a year.1, 2
  • Grows revenue without increasing staff, or allows you to do the same with less staff.
  • Lets you spend less time at the end of the day auditing and matching records.
  • Consolidates test reports to provide legal documentation of your treatment recommendations.


Increased Client Loyalty
  • Builds client trust and perceived value—Consolidated patient report gives you a clear, client communication tool that documents your care and can increase client compliance by 40% when reviewed face-to-face.3
  • Lets you access diagnostic information immediately at any workstation in the practice when clients call in with questions.


AVMA Report on Veterinary Practice Business Measures. Schaumburg, Ill: American Veterinary Medical Association; 2007:13.
Financial & Productivity Pulsepoints: Vital Statistics for Your Veterinary Practice. 3rd ed. Denver, Colo: AAHA Press; 2004.
BNResearch. Perceptions and Attitudes of Pet Owners: The Impact of the Bond. May 2007.

Connect all areas of your practice


Connect Your IDEXX VetLab® In-House Laboratory

Streamline your in-house laboratory with the IDEXX VetLab® Station and IDEXX SmartLink® technology.

  • Order in-house laboratory tests from any workstation in the practice.
  • Patient data is automatically downloaded to each analyser for proper test identification.
  • All test results are sent directly to the IDEXX VetLab Station and immediately added to the IDEXX Cornerstone® patient invoice and medical record - eliminating orphan results and missed charges.
  • Easily view all current results and most recent prior results for easy comparison with the IDEXX VetLab Station integrated patient report.


Connect Your Reference Laboratory

Streamline your IDEXX Reference Laboratories process with IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management System and IDEXX SmartLink® technology

  • Eliminate misspellings of patient, owner and doctor names
  • Enjoy fast, convenient test selection with a searchable menu
  • Ensure order accuracy and completeness with automatic error checking

After tests are run, the SmartLink® technology automatically downloads test results to your IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management System.


Connect Your Digital Imaging System

IDEXX SmartLink provides instant access to imaging information so you can spend more time with patients and less time with manual forms, redundant data entry and lost x-rays.

Integrating your practice management with an IDEXX Cornerstone® compatible digital imaging system lets you:

  • Capture images from your compatible digital imaging system.
  • Increase the efficiency with which you request, capture and invoice for x-ray images.
  • Capture requests and charges in patient records and invoices, reducing missed x-ray charges.
  • Consolidate electronic medical records by including x-ray images.


When you connect your practice to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, you:

  • Ensure complete medical records by downloading test results directly into patient records
  • Capture all tests automatically for a complete patient invoice
  • Know non-invoiced test results are flagged so you can be sure to capture all charges

Seamless connection is possible


IDEXX SmartLink® technology integrates and consolidates each patient’s diagnostic and financial data - every test request and result and every charge - and then automatically communicates that data across the practice.

Each SmartLink connection is an automatic, two-way data feed between IDEXX in-house products and a results-only feed from the IDEXX Reference Laboratory.



A Serial Connection (also called an Interfacing Connection) is a basic, one-way data feed between equipment and software. Many veterinary equipment and software providers offer this type of connection but it is not automatic and it is not bi-directional—it requires the manual initiation of data transfer by a staff member.


Basic Connection Technology
Data is communicated between diagnostic analysers and Cornerstone® after manual initiation by a staff member.