Connect Your Practice with IDEXX InterLink® Technology


IDEXX InterLink technology works with your non-IDEXX software to integrate your practice information.

IDEXX Laboratories has an open system philosophy. We design our products to connect with a variety of practice management software, so you can have all practice areas working seamlessly together for increased efficiency, better business and increased client loyalty.


What does it mean to be connected?

It's easier to manage your data and protect it from getting lost, misfiled or mistyped when your practice is connected, or integrated. But there's more to integration than just plugging an in-house diagnostic analyser into a workstation and downloading results into your practice management software.


True integration requires a "two-way conversation"

This means that data flows back and forth between your practice management software and all your diagnostic products and services. Thanks to IDEXX InterLink technology, only IDEXX diagnostic products and services can have this "two-way conversation" with your practice management software.

Get connected today
IDEXX InterLink technology is now available for use with RxWorks V4®, CiderHouse® and ClinicWare® software as well as many others.

Contact your software provider to find out more.

Information where and when you need it

With IDEXX InterLink® technology, data goes out and the medical information you need comes back—automatically.


More productive and efficient staff
  • No more transferring information physically or verbally.
  • Test results are automatically added to electronic medical records.
  • At any stage of a patient’s visit, you can transmit patient data and test requests to your in-house laboratory.


A healthier practice with increased profits
  • Revenue no longer falls through the cracks when all test and image charges are captured automatically.
  • IDEXX InterLink technology eliminates activities that add cost but don’t add revenue, including storage fees, filing, data entry, updating records and physically moving files around the practice.


Stronger bonds between your clients and your practice
  • Present a more professional image to clients with streamlined visits.
  • Help staff and doctors provide clients with a better, more informative experience.
  • Increase client loyalty and compliance by as much as 40%.1


Lue T. Pantenburg D. Crawford P. Perception and Attitudes of Pet Owners: The Impact of the Bond. Portland, OR: BNResearch; 2007.

IDEXX InterLink® technology provides total integration, consistency and efficiency for your practice.


Until now your diagnostic data has been disjointed. With a streamlined flow of information, IDEXX InterLink is the chance to change that. 


IDEXX VetLab® In-house Analysers

Streamline your in-house laboratory with the IDEXX VetLab® Station and IDEXX InterLink technology.

  • Order in-house laboratory tests from any workstation in the practice.
  • Patient data is automatically downloaded to each analyser for proper test identification.
  • Easily view all current results and most recent prior results for easy comparison with the IDEXX VetLab Station integrated patient report.

How IDEXX InterLink® Technology Connects Your Practice

Enabling automatic, two-way data exchange using non-IDEXX practice management software


Benefit from two-way data exchange between IDEXX in-house diagnostic instruments and your practice management software, including:

  • RxWorks® Version 4 practice management software
  • CHS Vet® CiderHouse practice management software
  • ClinicWare® practice management software


Here’s how it works: