Connect Your Practice

Connecting practice management systems and in-house laboratories for a higher level of veterinary care and service

Connect and streamline all practice areas for better medical care, improved practice efficiency, increased client loyalty and a stronger bottom line.

James Moebius discusses integration: Click to play

"With integration, I get my technician back quicker."

Watch James Moebius, DVM,
of Murphy Road Animal Hospital describe the ways integration
improved his practice—then consider what it could do for yours.

The Medical Benefits of Integration (U.S.)

Dr. Kirk Cito discusses the benefits of having more efficient access to medical information.

The Efficiency Benefits of Integration (U.S.)

The staff at Westlake Animal Hospital achieve better work flow, efficiency and productivity through integration.

The Financial Benefits of Integration (U.S.)

Dr. Mark Wenner and Linda Wenner eliminate missed charges and activities that add cost but do not add value.