SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device

You’ll never have to remember a thing


With the new SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device, the same SNAP® tests you rely on every day can offer even greater value to your patients, clients and staff. The SNAP Pro Mobile Device helps improve your practice work flow by:

  • Automatically activates test device and displays results to streamline nurse's work flow.
  • Recording results and invoice charges at the touch of a button.
  • Electronically sharing information across your practice management system.


SNAP Pro Mobile Device

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Increase efficiency and improve work flow

  • Automatically activates test device and displays results to streamline nurse’s workflow.
  • Sends SNAP test results to the patient record, or send to print at the touch of a button.


Put your services in the spotlight for clients

  • Simple design and easy-to-read display improves client engagement and communication.
  • Helpful visual guide supports doctor-client conversations for improved compliance.


Improve practice profitability and patient care

  • Electronically captures SNAP test invoice charges to reduce lost revenue and improve profits.
  • Displays results and adds them to the patient record instantly for customised, client-friendly reports with IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS.

Automate your SNAP® test protocols with the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device


SNAP® Heartworm RT TestHeartwormScreen for canine heartworm.
SNAP® FIV/FeLV Combo TestFeline immunodeficiency virus
Feline leukemia virus
Screen for two diseases with just one blood sample.
SNAP® fPL TestFeline pancreatitisRule in or rule out feline pancreatitis.
SNAP® cPL TestCanine pancreatitisRule in or rule out canine pancreatitis.
SNAP® Giardia TestGiardiaScreen for Giardia in cats and dogs.
SNAP® Parvo TestParvovirusRule in or rule out parvovirus. Test has been shown not to cross-react with modified live vaccines.*
SNAP® Feline Cardiopet® proBNP TestFeline heart diseaseThe only pet-side cardiac blood test that measures the stretch and stress of the heart using the most stable cardiac biomarker, NTproBNP.
*Study conducted using modified live vaccines only. Killed vaccines do not replicate in the gastrointestinal epithelial cells. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.

Resources and support materials for the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device


It's easy to use the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device:


Enter/select patient.
Prepare test.
Insert SNAP® device.



SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device Product Demonstration
This video will give you a quick demo of the SNAP Pro Mobile Device
Setting Up Your SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device
Learn how to install the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device in your practice.
Cleaning the Device
Learn the proper techniques for cleaning the outside of the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device as well as the SNAP® base and the internal reflectors.
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