Our Quality Service Pledge


To deliver exceptional products and services through established quality procedures and thereby provide a diagnostic and clinical support service of the highest standard to our customers.

To provide our customers and our employees the opportunity to continually improve the quality of our processes, our products and our services.


Our commitment to Quality allows you to rely on the accuracy and integrity of your results. We harness a culture of continuous improvement in response to changing technology and updates in standards and guidelines through a comprehensive Quality Management System. We have dedicated technical teams to cover all our laboratory specialties. These teams are made up of experts from within IDEXX and include pathologists, scientists, laboratory technicians and a National Quality Manager.


The key foundations of our Quality Management are:


Every IDEXX veterinary pathology laboratory within Australia has been inspected by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and accredited for veterinary pathology testing against international and Australian Standards.


This is your guarantee that our diagnostic services are of the highest quality and an assurance that the methods and equipment used in IDEXX Laboratories are specific and accurate for veterinary pathology testing. It also ensures that our staff comprising of pathologists, scientists and technical support personnel have the specific training, qualifications and skills required of a comprehensive diagnostic veterinary laboratory.


ISO 9001 certification of our Quality System allows us to confidently commit to meeting customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our laboratory and business processes.


A dedicated National Quality Manager ensures ongoing compliance with all aspects of the quality standards, and regulatory requirements and drives outcomes from a continual improvement plan to meet the expectations of our customers.


Customer feedback—our commitment to ensure your feedback is addressed and incorporated into our quality system which allows us to exceed your expectations.


These foundations ensure that as our valued customer you receive an accurate and reliable service, which has been assessed and accredited against internationally recognised standards and regulations for veterinary pathology testing.


Our commitment to quality allows you to rely on the accuracy and integrity of your results.